edRock.net, short for The Edinburgh Rock Network, is a hub for popular, independant, and alternative music local to Edinburgh or across Scotland. The edRock.net blog is an online resource that has provided news, reviews, and interviews from the Edinburgh music scene since 2008. edRock.net also organise events, and have been doing so long before the site went online.

edRock.net Events evolved from the organisers of indie band cartel and monthly live music night Indie Ring, and subsequently spearheaded events at Cabaret Voltaire such as She Bangs The Drums, The Drummer-less Gig, and the 2008 Showcase Scotland at the Liquid Room. More recently, edRock.net Events organised two Brain Storm events featuring alternate rock bands, The Remnant Kings Orchestra gig and The Remnant Kings E.P Whip Round fundraising event.


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