Really good bands you've probably never heard of

This is the playlist of a Mix CD that I definitely did NOT compile and distribute in April 2009 in the United States without permission of the intellectual property owners.

1 Lucy, What You Trying to Say Popup MySpace
2 Party Kisses The OK Social Club MySpace
3 Stolen Cars Little Doses MySpace
4 Revenge of the Bloody Angel The Fire and I MySpace
5 Millionairhead cut_ MySpace
6 Touch Me Any Color Black MySpace
7 All The Way Crush 40 MySpace
8 Floodlights The Steals MySpace
9 From Me to You Jonny Downie MySpace
10 Lily Sonny Blue Eyes MySpace
11 The Magpie Poor Edward MySpace
12 Boomerang New Leaf* No Website
13 Neon Nights The one day speakers MySpace
14 The Comedy Stops Here Amplifico MySpace
15 Magnet Big Hand MySpace
*For more New Leaf music contact me.


Compilation CDs for the journey to All Tommorow's Parties

Lyve and Covers (2008)

Song Artist Comment
1 I Am The Walrus Oasis Live The Beatles cover
2 Heroes The Wallflowers David Bowie cover
3 Rosalie Thin Lizzy Live
4 Little Bitch The Ordinary Boys The Specials cover
5 Seven Seas of Rhye Queen Live
6 Smooth Criminal Alien Ant Farm Michael Jackson cover
7 I Will Survive Cake Gloria Gaynor cover
8 Lake of Fire Nirvana & Meat Puppets Live acoustic Meat Puppets song for MTV Unplugged
9 Honest Mistake The Bravery Live acoustic version for Radio 1 Live Lounge
10 My Hero Foo Fighters Live acoustic version from Skin and Bones Tour
11 Love of My Life Extreme with Brian May Queen cover
12 Lucille Paul McCartney Little Richard cover
13 Mother Glasgow Hue & Cry Live Traditional song
14 Sunshine of Your Love Eric Clapton Cream song live at Knebworth
15 Take On Me Reel Big Fish Ah-Ha cover
16 Killer Parties The Hold Steady Live in Austin 27 Mar '08

Fruit (2009)

Song Artist
1 Peaches The Presidents of the United States of America
2 Strawberry Fields Forever The Beatles
3 Can You Feel It? The Apples in Stereo
4 Cherry Pie Warrant
5 Peaches The Stranglers
6 Ava Adore Smashing Pumpkins
7 Lucky Number Nine Moldy Peaches
8 Pork And Beans Weezer
9 Peaches And Cream Beck
10 Raspberry Beret Prince And The Revolution
11 Cherry Lips Garbage
12 Fuck the Pain Away Peaches
13 Strawberry Gashes Jack Off Jill
14 Poison Apple Popup
15 Citrus The Hold Steady
16 Clementine Elliott Smith
17 Peach Trees Rufus Wainwright
18 Tutti Frutti Little Richard

The 2009 ATP Team driving CDs. Mine is at the top.

Yeah (Summer 2010)

ATP Bowlie 2 (Winter 2010)

Song Artist
1 4 Dix Lifter Puller
2 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again Bob Dylan
3 Frank Sinatra Cake
4 Tale of the Winter Kids Dead Boy Robotics
5 The Blood on My Hands Mark Eitzel
6 Sunlight Harlem Shakes
7 Deceptacon Le Tigre
8 Ten 2 One Stanley Odd
9 Free Redicals The Flaming Lips
10 All The Way Crush 40
11 No One's Gonna Love You Band of Horses
12 Backwards Walk Frightened Rabbit
13 She's On Fire Eh!
14 You Can Leave The Light On Amplifico
15 Brand New Day Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
16 Becky Be Your Own Pet
17 Gentleman, We Can Rebuild Him Acrylic Iqon
18 Virgin, Mother, Psycho, Whore A Band Called Quinn
19 Bruised Eyes Underclass
20 Angel Massive Attack
21 O Green World Gorrilaz
22 Come Together The Beatles

The Terence Corness Mix CD

A CD I made for the Blind Date Mix CD exchange club.

Song Artist
1 You Can Leave A Light On Amplifico
2 Bruised Eyes Underclass
3 She Sells Sanctuary The Cult
4 Gentleman, We Can Rebuild Him Acrylic Iqon
5 Keep Calm And Carry On (Live) Tam's railways
6 Party Kisses The OK Social Club
7 Touch Me Any Color Black
8 Hot Fries The Hold Steady
9 Sitting Bull A Fight You Can't Win
10 Nal Scrap Brain
11 Ten 2 One Stanley Odd
12 The Enemy Death Trap City
13 F*** the Cliché The Fire and I
14 Especially in Michigan Red Hot Chili Peppers
15 All the Love in the World Nine Inch Nails
16 Still Foo Fighters

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